Tough Like a Girl

Reader Discretion Advised Last night my husband and I were watching the Showtime series Homeland on TV (episode “R is for Romeo”). The scene set-up: Madam President-Elect is a guest on an Alt-Right radio show that is running a smear campaign against her by targeting her son who was a US soldier who died in […]

Death Comes To Us All

As Queen Isabella so eloquently said in the movie Braveheart, “Death comes to us all.” Over the summer I read several books on Buddhism. On my journey of growth I decided to meander down a path towards learning more about Buddhism (religion, philosophy and way of life). Currently, I’m reading The Tibetan Book of Living […]

My Weekend – Nutcracker Review

Kicking off my weekend was a blissfully sublime facial by Brigitte at Spa Nordstrom in Seattle. The following day, in lieu of some plans being canceled, my husband and I had a wonderful lunch at the Dahlia Lounge. We then strolled the city separately, looking for stocking gifts for each other. Saturday evening we had […]

Years Reflection

Twelve months ago I started this blog, with the first entry dated on January 12th, 2012.  As a year comes to an end, we often look back on that year and reflect.  One cannot deny that New Years is a magical and special time.  As the door of the old year closes, a new door […]


Spoiler: Don’t read this if you don’t want to know anything about the new Bond film Skyfall. I’m still confused as to why Michael and I were able to see the new Bond movie Skyfall before the release date of Friday, November 9th.  We went to a 7:00 pm IMAX showing the day before on […]

A Hero’s Journey

We are all familiar with the word hero.  In fact, a specific image or person often comes to mind such as a fireman, aid worker or a doctor.  Or maybe a fictional character such as Ulysses, Eowyn, Mark Antony, Jane Eyre, Batman, or Katniss Everdeen.  Weather they are from a comic book, myth, film, literature, […]

Timeless and Classic: Icons of Style

One of the many things my mother taught me was to always try to remain classy, especially in dress, for elegance is timeless and you will never be out of style.  After visiting Las Vegas last weekend, I realize that perhaps my mother was the only one who delivered this message to her daughter . […]