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Have you ever lost a friend but didn’t know why?  You just wake up one day and realize they are no longer in your life.  From a decision not of your making.  For no reason, from no incident, or misunderstanding, or fight; nothing you can recall.  

Some time ago, two female friends vanished from my life (around the same time).  With no explanation, no incident (that I’m aware of) or reasoning.  They didn’t pass away or move away (that I’m aware of).  All three of us were friends and then all of a sudden we weren’t.  Clearly, this still hurts me.  I have wracked my brain over and over for whatever offensive, hurtful or upsetting thing I could have done or could have said to result in our friendship ending.  Was there a misunderstanding?  Did I inadvertently offend someone?  Whatever it was, I am completely and honestly unaware of it.  And therefore unable to apologize, or even explain myself.  Which, I feel is enormously unfair.  Based on their actions (to end the friendship) it’s obvious to me, that our bond wasn’t worth that much to them.  Which is unfortunate.  And again hurtful.

As I rummage through my memories of our friendship trio, my thoughts turn to how I treated them or certainly how I treated them from my perspective.  I feel I was a generous friend.  I was often the first one to reach out and connect everyone. I often organized our time together.  On a girls weekend trip in Seattle, I hosted them overnight as well as footed the bill for our dining and activities.  I gave years of Birthday and Christmas gifts.  I’ve hosted them multiple times at my house (something neither one did, (with one exception)).  I cooked for them many a time, their favorite dishes no less.  I don’t want to keep going on about how amazing I was (tongue and cheek) but I am not a crap person and whatever unintentional sin I may have committed, doesn’t the good out-weigh the bad here?!?  

I do find it slightly coincidental that one of the friends got married shortly before our friendship fell apart. Both the other friend and I were at the ceremony.  The bride and groom received a rather nice wedding gift from my husband and I.  So what gives?

I have never had a plethora of friends.  Because I’m rather choosy about the people I surround myself with.  But when thinking of one’s friends, your heart should fill with love and joy.  It deeply saddened me when these two exited my life.  Not even a broken ankle, torn ligament, emergency surgery, two surgical screws and a six-week stint recovering in Seattle could re-light our friendship apparently.  No text or even a reach out on social media – which nowadays is like the least you can do.  Which left me even more disheartened.  

CC8DDEEA-4718-463F-ADC1-0B3449584AE6What’s that one saying about doors opening and closing?  Half-way through my six-weeks of non-weight bearing recovery in Seattle, I was surprised by two completely different friends.  Two glorious human beings that double as Superheroes.  No seriously, they are Superheroes!  (Members of the Justice League to be specific.)  

I met Batman in Seattle a year ago at the 2017 Emerald City Comicon (ECCC) in Seattle.  Through social media he introduced me to Houston Wonder Woman.  We all share the bond of cosplay (I also cosplay Wonder Woman).  I was unable to attend the 2018 ECCC due to my injury.  Batman would message me from time to time to check in while I was recovering in Seattle.  Houston Wonder Woman would write uplifting and inspiring comments on social media.  To lift my spirits, Batman offered to come and visit me before heading off to his day at ECCC this last March.  “If Wonder Woman can’t come to Comicon, we’ll bring Comicon to her.” He wrote.  “Hell yes!” I said.

I was all ready for Batman to visit.  I was wearing a WW tee and my black air cast boot (pants too of course).  In walked Houston Wonder Woman AND Batman!!!  What!?!  OMG!!  OMG!!  OMG!!  I nearly cried!!  She flew all the way from Houston to surprise me and Batman was in on it!!  You guys are THE BEST!!

IMG_9727That day ranks in my Top 5 best days ever!  Their generosity, selflessness, care for others, and compassion is an exemplary example of friendship.  I am truly blessed and honored to have them in my life and to call them my friends.  

We are planning to join forces for 2019 ECCC.  So if you feel the earth tilt or a sudden breeze whip up mid-March next year, that would be us.  Showering everyone in our radius with joy, good vibes, happiness, and friendship!

When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.

– Alexander Graham Bell


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