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Becoming Wonder Woman

In my opinion, the best part of the movie Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice was Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. Sprinkled throughout the movie as Diana Prince, she finally appears, armor-clad at the end of the movie as Wonder Woman. She comes to the rescue of both heroes, and boy does she kick some ass. […]

Return to the Womb

What does relaxation mean to you? How do you, personally relax? What does it mean to relax? If you asked me these questions a few months ago, I would have said getting a message or reflexology helps me to relax. I “chill out” by drinking my favorite beverage and reading or listening to music. I’m […]

Butterflies, Sushi and Space Shuttles Oh My!

If you are ever in or near Seattle, WA and are in need of something to do, allow me to make a few suggestions. This last weekend my husband Michael and I had a pretty fun-filled few days in Seattle.  We started off by seeing the Flight of the Butterflies 3-D IMAX short movie at […]

Eating in Ballard

A month or two into enjoying our new condo in Seattle (second property), my husband and I are blissfully exploring our Belltown neighborhood as well as the surrounding areas.  Being huge fans of raw oysters, we have been lusting for a dinner date at The Walrus and The Carpenter.  Taken from the poem of the […]


The other day I was having a conversation about skiing with someone who had never skied before.  It occurred to me just how much I adore the snow by the way this person was looking at me while I spoke.  She was giving me a magical look with kind eyes and a warm smile that […]

A French Chef and an Egyptian Pharaoh

This last weekend we joined our good friends Randy & Margaret in Seattle for a French dinner and a visit to the ancient Egypt tomb of King Tut. Our global adventure started Friday evening at the famous Rover’s restaurant, where the “Chef in the Hat” Thierry Rautureau of Top Chef Masters fame reigns supreme.  The […]

Dinner and Dance

Our ballet date started in Seattle on a blustery November Saturday evening.  The Coterie Room restaurant had just opened for the evening and even though we were a bit early for our reservation, we walked in anyway.  I was thankful no one was in the restaurant yet, for en route to our table, the heel […]