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Nutrition 101

I recently finished a FREE, six-week on-line nutrition class.  Offered by Coursera.org through Vanderbilt University School of Nursing (in Nashville, TN) the class was officially titled Nutrition, Health & Lifestyle.  Head nutrition instructor, Jamie Pope taught the class and offered down to earth lectures that were factual and engaging. I took this course for a […]

Whistler Wonderland

Last Sunday my husband Michael and I drove six or so hours up to Whistler, Canada for a ski trip.  Forgoing our three year tradition of going to Aspen, we decided to venture to Whistler instead.  Both locations have positives and negatives, but one of the positives of Whistler, is that we took our own […]

Make NO Substitutions

As I daydream and my thoughts roam the cosmos for a potential new career path, if you will, I keep coming back to food.  I’d like whatever it is to involve food, of some kind, on some level. I’m finding great joy as well as comfort in learning about food and how to cook.  And […]

A French Chef and an Egyptian Pharaoh

This last weekend we joined our good friends Randy & Margaret in Seattle for a French dinner and a visit to the ancient Egypt tomb of King Tut. Our global adventure started Friday evening at the famous Rover’s restaurant, where the “Chef in the Hat” Thierry Rautureau of Top Chef Masters fame reigns supreme.  The […]

Dinner and Dance

Our ballet date started in Seattle on a blustery November Saturday evening.  The Coterie Room restaurant had just opened for the evening and even though we were a bit early for our reservation, we walked in anyway.  I was thankful no one was in the restaurant yet, for en route to our table, the heel […]

France’s Food

I went to France under the naive impression that all of the food would be amazing.  That’s a great deal to live up to, but I thought the culinary capitol of the world could easily handle the weight of this opinion. During our first few days in Paris, both Michael and I were a tad […]

Overlooked Ingredients: Surroundings and Circumstance

Why do things taste better in certain environments and under unique conditions?  We all have a story or two where a meal or dish is infused with a particular set of factors and turns out to be some of the best tasting stuff ever, never to be duplicated again.  More often it’s something considered ordinary […]

A Funny Thing Happened After Culinary Camp

While I was out of town at Culinary Camp in Seattle, my husband was also out of town at a seminar.  Once we were both back home in Olympia, we went out to lunch at a restaurant that shall remain anonymous. Now, I have just come home from five days of a cooking camp hosted […]

Culinary Camp with Tom Douglas – Part 2

July 8th – 12th I attended a Culinary Camp in Seattle hosted by James Beard award winning, Seattle chef Tom Douglas.  As I mentioned in Part 1, this was a pretty amazing as well as overwhelming event.  I certainly considered myself the underdog and I was the youngest attendee.  Since the camp, people have asked […]

Culinary Camp with Tom Douglas – Part 1

When I heard that my all time favorite, James Beard Award winning, Seattle restaurateur extraordinaire Tom Douglas hosts a weeklong cooking camp every summer, I was intrigued to say the least.  Last March I waited anxiously for the camp information to pop up on his web site so I could learn the details IE: when, […]