Remembering D-Day

Near the end of our France tour, we spent an entire day visiting various D-Day locations and beaches.  We had a wonderful British ex-military guide that brought June 6, 1944 into vivid detail, and yet managed to focus on the positive and keep most of the day light. Our first stop was the small town […]

From Blois, France

Bonjour, we are now seven days into our “Rick Steves’ Paris and the Heart of France in 11 Days” journey.  Blogging has been hard, we have little time to ourselves and what time we do have I’ve needed to spend it recharging myself for the next day. We have moved out of Paris and are […]

Overlooked Ingredients: Surroundings and Circumstance

Why do things taste better in certain environments and under unique conditions?  We all have a story or two where a meal or dish is infused with a particular set of factors and turns out to be some of the best tasting stuff ever, never to be duplicated again.  More often it’s something considered ordinary […]

Pre-Paris, France

In a few days my husband and I will board an international flight bound for Paris.  We will be touring France with a Rick Steves’ tour for two weeks, starting and ending in Paris.  Our stops in the middle include stays in Bourges, the Loire Valley, Mont St. Michel and Bayeux.  We’ll see the Louvre […]

Some Time In THE City

Las Vegas is Sin City, Chicago is the Windy City, Paris is the City of Lights, Los Angles is the City of Angels and Seattle is the Emerald City, but San Francisco is just THE City. If you have never seen it, comedian and actor Eddie Izzard has a great bit on THE City in […]

Las Vegas Food Tour – Fleur

This is a continuum to the last post, titled Las Vegas Food Tour – Otto.  Celebrating our one-year anniversary, my husband and I recently went to Las Vegas.  We ate at several amazing restaurants.  The last post I highlighted our first experience at Mario Batali’s Otto in the Venetian.  This post, I’m going to focus […]

Las Vegas Food Tour – Otto

For our monumental first year anniversary, my husband Michael and I went to Las Vegas.  We have always enjoyed Vegas, and go to enjoy gourmet food and world-class entertainment because neither of us do any real gambling.  I’m beginning to view an epicurean meal the same as I view a performance or a show.  It’s […]

Salish Lodge – Anniversary Part 1

Just under an hour and a half from Olympia, the Salish Lodge and Spa is close and yet a world away.  It’s a beautiful property with strong wood accents throughout and all the extras of a AAA Four Diamond award winning resort: amazingly attentive staff, glass of wine upon check in, beautifully manicured grounds, fantastic […]

Aspen – Skiing

My adventures in skiing began about four years ago.  I started, so my husband Michael and I could potentially have an activity we enjoy together.  I had always wanted to try skiing and I LOVE the snow.  So, in my early 30’s I tested out skiing. As with most things, skiing is a progression.  There […]


I’ve been gone for 9 days and had many adventures.  There is so much to write about but this post is about Aspen itself. Four years ago, when I would hear of Aspen, I would first think of its elite and expensive reputation and second of the world class skiing.  I assumed I’d probably never […]