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Labor #1 Compassion & Understanding

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Labor #1  Compassion & Understanding – Make up and personally deliver 5 Blessing Bags for the less fortunate.

Today I handed out the 5th Blessing Bag. I’m not necessarily approaching these Labors in order, it just happened that I got a jump on this one. I am actually working on several Labors at once, as several are ongoing. I started this Labor slightly ahead of my August 1 start date. Spending less than $180, I made up 5 bags for the less fortunate, each consisting of:

1L Smart Water
Tissues, Wipes, Lip Balm, Mints
EmergenC packet, Band-Aids, $20 Target card
Protein bar, peanut butter crackers, mini chocolate bar
2 bags were for women specifically w/feminine products
Hand written note: “You are in may thoughts and prayers.” -K
All in a reusable bag

I put the bags in the trunk of my car and when I’d see someone in need, I’d park my car to personally deliver the bag. Approaching with a smile, I’d ask if they’d like the bag containing a few supplies. Their eyes would light up and they would say yes. After handing them the bag, I’d ask their name, and extend my hand. “Nice to meet you ______, my name is K. I’ll pray for you.” Usually, I’d receive a Thank you, or a God Bless you and a smile.

th-1 copyA particular place where I delivered a few bags was near a grocery store. There is a small strip of median, popular for folks to stand. Approaching this location I had to weave around cars waiting for a traffic light. Once, after delivering a bag to a lady named Cheryl, I saw two local police SUV’s waiting in traffic for the light. Having just given her the bag, I knew they had seen me. As I walked back to my car, I looked at the drivers of the police vehicles, neither driver would look at me.

The experience of this Labor evoked a great deal of reflection. Things I take for granted. How thankful I am. How fortunate I am. Compassion for others. We are all human, very little separates us. Yet in our mind, a great deal separates us from what we don’t understand. We all deserve decency, kindness and respect.

Jim: Haggen, 7/24, vet in a wheelchair
Janet: Burger King in W. Olympia, 7/28
Chris: Haggen, 8/2
Cheryl: Haggen, 8/11
Jessy: Haggen 8/17

Five bags were the original Labor. I’d like to make another five bags, to be delivered in the Fall or Winter with season appropriate supplies. This time all five will go to women.

I am immensely thankful for the abundance, blessings, and freedoms in my life. I am thankful for my husband and his ability to provide our financial stability. I am thankful for my mental and physical health as well as strength. I am thankful for our lovely home, our sanctuary.
I am thankful for (a great many things):
*  Our beautiful fuzzy children (2 black rescue cats)
*  Friends and family
*  The freedom to pursue my passions & interests

It’s one thing to have good intensions toward others dissimilar or less fortunate than yourself. It’s something entirely different to make eye contact, exchange smiles, shake hands, introduce yourself and experience a genuine exchange. It’s something I won’t forget. It’s something that has touched me and will remain with me forever.

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