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Roasted Artichokes

After getting some wonderful fresh artichokes from the store the other day, I was looking for a new way of cooking them.  In my post A Coincidental Green Dinner, I talk about the boiling method, which is or was the only way I knew how to cook a whole artichoke, until recently.  I did a […]

A Coincidental Green Dinner

Fusili with Roasted Chicken, Pine Nuts and Pesto Artichokes with Lemon Mayo Not knowing what to have for dinner last night, I walked into Top Foods and saw a lovely bunch of artichokes.  Being the seasonal shopper I am (or trying to be) I thought yes, they are a fair amount of work, for not […]

Cream of Artichoke Soup

If you like artichokes, they truly are an experience to be savored! Artichokes are a perennial thistle and after some research on the internet, I believe Scotland’s (national flower) thistle and the artichoke are indeed the same thing. If that is incorrect, I humbly apologize Scots! I can’t remember the first time I had an […]