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Make NO Substitutions

As I daydream and my thoughts roam the cosmos for a potential new career path, if you will, I keep coming back to food.  I’d like whatever it is to involve food, of some kind, on some level. I’m finding great joy as well as comfort in learning about food and how to cook.  And […]


The other day I was having a conversation about skiing with someone who had never skied before.  It occurred to me just how much I adore the snow by the way this person was looking at me while I spoke.  She was giving me a magical look with kind eyes and a warm smile that […]

Years Reflection

Twelve months ago I started this blog, with the first entry dated on January 12th, 2012.  As a year comes to an end, we often look back on that year and reflect.  One cannot deny that New Years is a magical and special time.  As the door of the old year closes, a new door […]