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Pre-Paris, France

In a few days my husband and I will board an international flight bound for Paris.  We will be touring France with a Rick Steves’ tour for two weeks, starting and ending in Paris.  Our stops in the middle include stays in Bourges, the Loire Valley, Mont St. Michel and Bayeux.  We’ll see the Louvre […]

Dinner & The Opera: Crow & Turandot

I’m so thankful to have found an opera buddy.  Well, more of an opera couple.  We joined our good friends Randy & Margaret at the opera the other night for the second time now to see Seattle Opera’s Turandot.  I secretly think Margaret and I are a little more into it than the guys, but […]

Some Time In THE City

Las Vegas is Sin City, Chicago is the Windy City, Paris is the City of Lights, Los Angles is the City of Angels and Seattle is the Emerald City, but San Francisco is just THE City. If you have never seen it, comedian and actor Eddie Izzard has a great bit on THE City in […]

A Seattle Birthday Weekend

This year I lucked out and Seattle’s Seafair weekend corresponded with my birthday.  While I’m not a huge fan of the hydroplanes, nor do I go for the torchlight parade, triathlon, marathon, or fleet week Boeing maritime celebration, there is one thing I DO go for.  The Blue Angels. Gods of Thunder Rick Allen, the […]

A Hero’s Journey

We are all familiar with the word hero.  In fact, a specific image or person often comes to mind such as a fireman, aid worker or a doctor.  Or maybe a fictional character such as Ulysses, Eowyn, Mark Antony, Jane Eyre, Batman, or Katniss Everdeen.  Weather they are from a comic book, myth, film, literature, […]