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Timeless and Classic: Icons of Style

One of the many things my mother taught me was to always try to remain classy, especially in dress, for elegance is timeless and you will never be out of style.  After visiting Las Vegas last weekend, I realize that perhaps my mother was the only one who delivered this message to her daughter . . . ever, or perhaps I’m the only one who listened.

I am anxious in anticipation for the trend of the platform heel to disappear.  I do not understand this style and at five foot, eight inches tall, I’m in no need of being any taller.  I can barely stand in standard heels as it is, not to mention, I simply wouldn’t do that to my husband.

I remembered coming across an article about certain ageless pieces one should have in their wardrobe.  Something along the lines of investing in a few quality pieces can make you look like you spent more on your wardrobe than you actually did.

I have listed a few items for both women and men that have stood the test of time and are fantastic additions to growing a solid closet of enduring classics.



Black Cashmere Sweater.  Simple, and a winter must have.  Expensive, yes, but you can easily hand wash it yourself and with good care, it will last you a long time.

Classic White Button Down Shirt, tailored (fitted), French cuff.  I have seen this staple look good in everything from jeans to a couture taffeta skirt at the Oscars.

Diamond Stud Earrings.  Of course diamonds are a girls best friend, and the real deal will cost you.  Now a days, a good set of fakes won’t break the bank and no one will know the difference.

Dark Jeans, high quality, well fitted.  Jeans are something you can dress up or down, but the cut and fit is key.  No fading, no wholes, and good stitching.

Classic Heels.  NO trends, no platforms, nothing sky high, no prints or wacky colors.  Just simple black or nude pumps, sling backs or even peep toes are fine.  No higher than 4.5 inches, higher than that and you may be mistaken for a certain profession.

Long Black Wool Coat.  Again this is an item that can be dressed up or down.  Great on colder days with those dark jeans tooling around downtown, or also with a dress for going to the ballet or night out.  Side Note: the standard trench style is always in fashion.

A few extras:

Black or grey suit

Black Turtleneck (cashmere)

Pencil skirt

Black Dress Pants

Little Black Dress

White Tee Shirt

Cashmere Wrap: can double as a scarf, wrap, blanket on airplanes, etc.

Good Handbag

Evening Clutch

Timeless Watch



I’ve heard over and over you can tell a lot about a man from his watch and his shoes. I couldn’t agree more.  I’d like to add car to that list as well, but that’s another post.

Nordstrom has you covered gentlemen!  It’s all there, one stop shop because I know you like that.  They will even tailor items for you!  A little side note, the sooner you loose the Affliction and Ed Hardy merde the better!

Classic watch.  Just like the ladies trend of the platform heel, I’m waiting with equal anticipation for the small dinner plate watches to go.  If it’s bigger than your wrist, it’s too big!  And the more crap on it, doesn’t make it better!  Two ideas of what I’m talking about: Omega Seamaster, Planet Ocean (aka James Bond) or a Cartier Santos.

Quality shoes.  Again, the more bells and whistles or bold colors, not necessarily the better.  Cole Haan or Kenneth Cole.  Get yourself a good pair of black shoes (to wear with black socks).  And also a brown pair.

Well-made black suit.  What man doesn’t look good in a good fitting suite?  Again, go to Nordstrom, they will fix you up.  Cuffs and pleats and such are all up to you, but your stylist can help you.  Also pick up a few good shirts and ties.  Remember classy and conservative is timeless, so if you want your investment to last past this season, get items that will stand the test of time.

Dark jeans.  Just as I wrote for women, good jeans can be dressed up or down.  Avoid the trend of faded, embellished, ripped, acid anything or funky stitching.

Stylish black jacket.  Leather seems to come in and out of fashion, so I’d recommend something other than leather.  Again, little frills, low detailing, traditional collar and design.  Choose a style that can go with the majority of what you wear.

A few extras:

White Tee Shirt / Black Tee Shirt

Sports Coat / Blazer

Black Leather Wallet

Black Leather Belt

Cuff Links

Black Socks

Solid Color Button Down Shirts


Both Men & Women

Sunglasses.  A good pair of aviators, wayfarer or Jackie O’s on the right head shape can make you look like a celebrity.  Name brand is key, but the good news is you have plenty to choose from and the cost doesn’t have to be outrageous.  Ray-Ban, Revo, Persol, and even some fashion houses have great sunglasses.


Most trends come and go, however classic styles are always appropriate.  Of course we all put our own unique spin on things.  Sometimes I think to myself, well Carrie Bradshaw pulled it off, maybe I can too.  I recently rocked a CB inspired look by wearing dark Capri jeans with a golden sparkly tank top under a modern tailored black blazer with nude Jimmy Choo Ivette heels.  Hair pulled up with dark eye makeup and moderate drop diamond earrings.  I was meeting a former ballet student for dinner and wanted to look casual with a fun splash of hip.  I felt good wearing it and half the look is how you feel.

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