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Salish Lodge – Anniversary Part 1

Just under an hour and a half from Olympia, the Salish Lodge and Spa is close and yet a world away.  It’s a beautiful property with strong wood accents throughout and all the extras of a AAA Four Diamond award winning resort: amazingly attentive staff, glass of wine upon check in, beautifully manicured grounds, fantastic bar & restaurant and a seriously relaxing spa.  The rooms are appointed with a wood burning fireplace, large soaking tub for two and free Wi-Fi.  Our room had a nice view overlooking the top of Snoqualmie Falls.

After checking in we ventured outside and down the path to view the Snoqualmie Falls.  Photos can’t compare to what the naked eye and senses take in; the heavy mist, the pleasing roar, the overwhelming power and the raw beauty that only nature can provide.

With several hours to burn before our dinner reservations, we wandered into the property’s Attic bar for a drink and a small snack.  We each had a cocktail and shared an order of the Kettle Chips with Potlatch seasoning and buttermilk chive sour cream.  The chips could have had a tad more salt for me, but they were still amazing, crisp, light, and flavorful.

**  Those against Foie Gras and the eating of foul, should stop reading.

For dinner we ate at the lodge’s Dining Room and split a starter of Hudson Valley Foie Gras with Port Lavender Sorbet, Brioche and Rhubarb.  Even in Washington we are feeling the pinch of California’s looming Foie Gras ban with higher than normal prices.  (Read my Farewell to Foie Gras in CA post earlier this month)  Needless to say, the Foie Gras was amazing, extremely smooth and wonderfully creamy.  Due to its richness both in flavor and in your pocketbook, each of us got roughly two bites.  But it was an amazing two bites.

For our entrees, we both had the Salish Honey Glazed Breast of Muscovy Duck with Smoked Potato, Baby Turnips, Braised Red Cabbage and Duck Jus.  This was a beautiful thing!  The breast was cooked to a perfect medium, it was juicy and not at all tough to eat as sometimes Duck can be.  There was also a marvelous layer of crispy skin, which is truly one of the best things ever!  The red cabbage was cooked in some sort of balsamic reduction to bring out the cabbages natural sweetness and also added a slight savory component.  This paired incredibly well with the starch of the potatoes and baby turnips.

And for dessert we split the Salish Signature Chocolate Soufflé with Valrhona Bittersweet Chocolate and Grand Marnier Mate Tea Ice Cream.  We pretty much knew we wanted this for dessert, but didn’t pre-order it because we wanted to see the other offerings before deciding.  Since nothing else tickled our sweet tooth, we were able relax a bit (and loosen our belts) during the 20 minutes it took for the soufflé to make ready.  It arrived at our table piping hot on a “Happy Anniversary” plate with the chocolate sauce and scoop of ice cream separate.  We cut into the soufflé with a spoon to make room for the ice cream & sauce on top.  Yummy, yummy!

One thing that really impressed me was the simple syrup they served with my iced tea.  At dinner, after my cocktail I asked for an iced tea with lemon and sweetener, expecting them to bring the standard container with the pink, blue and plain sugar options.  He sat on the table next to the tall glass of tea a small clear glass pitcher with a clear liquid in it.  I instantly knew it was simply syrup.  I have never had this; I thought it was a very classy touch.  Especially when a couple sat down next to us as we were finishing our meal and they both ordered iced teas, but got the container of options.

The following morning we ate breakfast at The Dinning Room and had a wonderful meal.   I had the Vanilla and Spice Infused Waffles with house made blackberry preserves and cinnamon whipped cream.  Michael had the Cinnamon Battered Croissant French Toast.  Both were served with Canadian maple syrup and two bacon strips.  Both dishes were amazing and kept us full well into the day.

The well-appointed spa is a highlight of the resort, so upon making our room reservations, I booked us a Rekindle Ritual for two: A memorable experience for a couple’s heart, mind and soul takes place in our premier fireside couples treatment room with side-by-side massage tables. Your sensory journey begins with a Rosemary Mint Exfoliation, shared shower, and Heated River Rock Massage.

I have steered away stone massages for a while, thinking that being rubbed down with a warm rock wouldn’t really do it for me.  Boy, was I wrong!  This was a wonderful experience.  My technician was amazing; she seemed to know precisely where I was sore from the CXWorx master class two days earlier.  The stones were indeed heated and extremely smooth, I almost couldn’t tell the difference between her hands and the stones (except the stones were hard).  I loved it when she wrapped a stone onto the arch of each foot and then put a small stone in between each of my toes.  She then wrapped each foot in a warm moist towel and circled a moist warm towel around my face, leaving a circle for my nose.  This was my heavenly moment.  I could have stayed there quite happily for some time.

Our stay was very enjoyable and I highly recommend the Salish Lodge for their beautiful setting, amazing property, fantastic food, relaxing spa, and high-quality service.




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