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A Dinner Fit For An Anniversary

Menu Lobster Gazpacho Bruschetta with Peppers & Gorgonzola Sorbet with Coconut Sauce Call this a trial run.  I wanted something special for dinner the night before leaving for our one-year anniversary trip . . . which is about a month away.  Being the overly prepared person I am, I ordered some Lobster Gazpacho from Dean […]

First Position: a documentary about what it takes to be a professional dancer

I wasn’t sure if I’d get to see this film due to its limited engagement.  But when my husband was flipping through On Demand the other day, I saw it and asked him if he’d like to watch it with me. For those who don’t know me, I started studying ballet at the age of […]

Choo & Boom Noodle

Recently I asked my girlfriend to go with me and hold my hand through my first expensive shoe purchase.  As it turns out, I didn’t need any hand holding, buying the shoes was a rather fun and pleasurable experience.  The two gentlemen at Jimmy Choo in Bellevue were indeed a pleasure to work with and […]


I adore sushi!  I have found there are two kinds of people in this world, those who play for team sushi and those who don’t.  For me there is no question, I love good sushi.  I’ll even tolerate mediocre sushi, however there is no place for bad sushi (mainly because you can and likely will […]

Play Date in Seattle

Last Sunday a friend and I had a girls day in Seattle.  We walked around downtown, did some shopping and of course had to eat. When Tom Douglas’ Lola was a 20-minute wait, we sauntered over to his Serious Pie. My girlfriend Erin had never been to SP, so it was fun to introduce her.  […]

An Adult Book Review

With all the hype surrounding the book trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey, and having just finished reading it, I feel compelled to give my two cents. I have read several on line reviews, blogs, articles and interviews about the books.  I wanted to get a feeling for how people were responding to the series.  Even […]

Dinner and the Opera

Last night we met our good friends Randy and Margaret for dinner at Toulouse Petit and then on to opening night of Madama Butterfly at the Seattle Opera.  Michael and I had never been to Toulouse, but were excited to go after Margaret had recommended we go before attending the opera together. Upon entering the […]

Two New Inspirations

In an attempt to eat more fresh and seasonal fruit & veggies, I recently threw ingredients together and was pleasantly surprised at the tasty outcome. I have become a fan of small round sweet cherry tomatoes.  I buy the ones that come in a square plastic container of both red and yellow.  With the mantra […]