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A Coincidental Green Dinner

Fusili with Roasted Chicken, Pine Nuts and Pesto

Artichokes with Lemon Mayo

Not knowing what to have for dinner last night, I walked into Top Foods and saw a lovely bunch of artichokes.  Being the seasonal shopper I am (or trying to be) I thought yes, they are a fair amount of work, for not much return, but in the end the heart is where it’s at!  Besides, artichokes are romantic and what better way to finish the workweek than with an artichoke, I always say!

I boiled the artichokes for 40 minutes in water with some olive oil, smashed garlic and lemon wedges.  Since I did this early in the day, I chilled them in the fridge until dinnertime.  The combination of lemon, hints of olive oil and garlic with artichoke is a flavor profile that simply makes sense. Like peanut butter & belly, chocolate and milk, Nutella and banana.  For the dipping sauce, simply add a good amount of fresh lemon juice to some mayo, I used olive oil mayo and with pepper to taste.

The package of dried fusili was long instead of the usual short pasta, which made for a fun experience eating.  I shredded the meat from two roasted chicken breasts, toasted about ¾ cup pine nuts, added a bit of sea salt and lots of parm.  A trick you may know of is to add some of the pasta water to the sauce and pasta while combining.  It helps the pasta and sauce to mix.

I also made (as mentioned above) Nutella and banana crepes.  While it’s a process that gets easier the more you do it, I discovered the spreading the Nutella with a spatula helps not to tear the crepe.  They weren’t perfect looking, however my taste buds didn’t know the difference.

Bon Appétit!

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