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Chocolate Madeleine

You want a wonderfully light & moist cookie that is full of flavor AND is chic?   Look no further than the French Madeleine.  Yes, you do need a Madeleine pan or mold, but it’s a small purchase for a lifetime of these lovely cookies whenever you want to make them.

Tasty petit scalloped cakes from the Lorraine region in northeastern France (according to Wikipedia).  The exact history seems to be a bit foggy, they popped up possibly around 1755 made for a Duke by a woman named, you guessed it Madeleine.

My recipe is from one of my mother’s cookbooks I inherited, San Francisco Encore by the Junior League of San Francisco.  It’s sister book is San Francisco a la carte.  Both are full of fantastic recipes.  I love this recipe so much so I really don’t want to deviate from it.  Rich chocolate flavor, moist inside, just a little crisp on the outside and lightly dusted with powered sugar.   Perhaps when I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll try Ina’s Coconut Madeleine.  But I love the chocolate so much; I’ll just have to make both, just so I get my chocolate fix!

They are perfect for desert when entertaining or hosting a lunch or dinner.  They pair wonderfully with coffee, ice cream or fruit.  And just as easy, but visually more impressive than say a chocolate chip cookie (don’t get me wrong I’m a huge CCC fan).

I can’t remember when I had Madeleine for the first time.  But I do know my mother had made this very recipe and I fell in love with them so much that I asked her to show me how to make them.  Just so I could have them whenever I wanted and didn’t have to wait around until the notion struck her again.  They are best warm (what cookie isn’t) but room temp is good too.  The inner texture changes slightly to a little more cake like, a little firmer.

Do give them a try!  Every time I make them, I scold myself for not making a double batch and not making them more often.

Bon Appetit!

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