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Chicken with Goat Cheese & Basil

Dinner Last Night:

Chicken with Goat Cheese & Basil

Parmesan (and Gruyere) Roasted Cauliflower

Naan and Herbed Goat Cheese

I was never really a fan of cauliflower and what child is, really?  I think one needs to mature into eating cauliflower.  However, if you add cheese to just about anything (same for adding bacon to anything) makes it better, don’t you think?  Well this roasted cauliflower with parm & gruyere is really tasty and very simple!

I was a little disappointed when shopping for this meal, I went to Safeway, simply because I didn’t want to drive ALL the way to Top Foods.  When picking up skin on chicken breasts, the selection was poor and the selection with good skin was even poorer.  The recipe called for boneless, skin on chicken breasts (as Ina’s recipes often do).  Even though I can de-bone a chicken breast, I often leave it to the professionals.  I got a funny look from the female butcher at Safeway when I asked her to de-bone the chicken breasts.  I don’t think they had ever had someone request that.  I ask the Top Foods butchers to do stuff for me all the time and no problem!  Anyway, she called over a male butcher to do it.  And he said he had never been asked to de-bone a chicken breast.

Case in point, your butcher loves to do special things for you.  Just ask!  Special cuts, de-bone, butterfly, fillet, special order, make stew meat, stir-fry, you name it, it’s their job and they are there to serve you.  Depending on what specifically you’d like done, there might be a small charge.  I especially like the guys at Western Meats in Olympia or the West Side Top Foods.

Due to only one oven, I had to put both the chicken and the cauliflower in the over at the same time.  I was a little worried that one or both would need extra cooking time.  Nope.  They both turned out cooked perfectly.  Bon Appetit!

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